Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take an ice bath?

The most effective time to jump into your ice bath is straight after a workout, competition or game. Soak a couple times a week to maximise the benefits.

How long should I stay in an Ice Bath?

The recommended time to sit in your ice bath is no longer than 15 mins.

What is the recommended Ice to Water ratio?

We recommend 3:1 water to ice ratio. The water should be around 10-15 degrees Celsius. You can use a thermometer to ensure your ice bath reaches the right temperature. If it’s your first time using an Ice Bath try using just cold water then gradually increase the amount of Ice you use. If you’re unsure we recommend following the advice from a healthcare professional as we all have our own limits.

It’s my first time using an Ice bath what should I do?

If you’ve never experienced submerging your body into ice cold water we recommend trying cold showers first to build your tolerance; visit our social pages for further tips.

Once your body has become accustomed to cold showers you can then start with cold water in your ice bath and gradually add ice bags. It is highly recommended when it is your first time submerging into cold water to not do this alone, have someone with you to help you if needed as ice cold temperatures can be dangerous and lead to hypothermia.

What should I do during an Ice Bath?

Just Breathe. The first couple of seconds in your ice bath will be the hardest. Your immediate reaction is generally panic mode, shallow, fast breaths. For optimal recovery you want oxygen to move into your lungs and around your body, inhale deeply through your nose or mouth and exhale through your mouth. Try to clear your mind, meditate and focus on your breath.

What should I do after an Ice Bath?

After your time is up, gently stand up and climb out. Do not rush out of your ice bath to avoid slipping over. Dry off and keep warm. To warm up faster you can drink a warm beverage.

Is it safe to use an Ice Bath?

Listen to your body. Each individual has his or her own limits. If you have a pre-existing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or immunocompromised you must seek medical advice from a healthcare professional as you could place yourself at risk. We recommend following the guidelines in your product manual and if you’re uncertain if cold therapy is right for you consult with a healthcare professional.

Do you ship overseas?

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